Tag, I’m It

An Invitation to Draw Closer to God through Thanksgiving, Acknowledgement, and Gratitude

Book Cover: Tag, I’m It
Editions:Paperback - First Edition
ISBN: 1950499006
Pages: 160

The TAG, I’M IT! Lenten Practice offers, in no more than ten to fifteen minutes, a simple way to grow closer to God throughout Lent by noting His grace at work in your life and honoring the blessings and gifts that you receive each day, as well as acknowledging the actions you’ve taken that bless others and bring more goodness into the world. The practice of writing out your “T’s” (Things you’re Thankful for), “A’s” (Actions and Accomplishments you can Acknowledge yourself for), and “G’s” (Gifts you’re grateful for—in whatever form they take) is a transformative one, especially combined with the final step (I’M IT!): choosing the three most-important-to-you actions/accomplishments you’ll take on the next day. Which of your God-given gifts can make the world a bit better? What activities and to-do’s will fulfill God’s purpose for your life? Step-by-step, small action by small action, how will you spread love, peace, and joy?Inside you’ll find a page for each day of Lent (and one for Easter, too), formatted especially for this process, with a passage of Scripture to inspire you. There’s also a spot to capture a moment in which you felt especially close to God, creating a meaningful record to look back on. An introduction with tips and ideas will help you to maximize the benefits of this practice. Feel the value of honoring the goodness of your life and choosing what matters most in the day to come. Soon, you’ll notice that you’re walking “a closer walk” with God and living your days with more joy, presence, and purpose.

Publisher: Floating Leaf Press

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