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Here are descriptions of workshops that are available.
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Memoir: Telling the Times of Your Life
Our life stories are a precious legacy. Writing them is a gift, not only to ourselves, but to those who love us. They will be treasured for generations to come. Come learn engaging tools and techniques to retrieve and record your adventures, loves, losses, successes, and more with ease and enjoyment, no matter where you are in the process.

Participants are asked to bring along photos of people, places, or events that are significant to their lives to be used as inspiration for writing.

Writers’ Workshop: The Fine Art of Cooking Up a Poem
Everything you need to know about writing outstanding poetry is embedded in the poems of the poets you love—in the form of “poetic ingredients” that comprise their outstanding poems. Learn how to use any poem you love to inspire and instruct you in crafting your work in this hands-on workshop.

Writers’ Workshop: Every Picture Holds A Story
Would you enjoy using visual images as writing inspiration? Come learn playful methods that really work to capture treasured family stories and create memorable fiction, memoir, and poetry. Facilitator Maureen Ryan Griffin will also share ways in which successful writers have used photographs and images to inspire their fiction, memoir, and poetry. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own pictures they’d enjoy writing about in this workshop.

A variety of images will be provided; bring a one or two dozen photographs if you like — strongly encouraged if you are interested in memoir.

Writers’ Workshop: The Gift of Memoir
“Facts bring us to knowledge, but stories bring us to wisdom.”
                                                    ~ Rachel Naomi Remen

Our stories are a precious legacy. Writing them is a gift, not only to ourselves, but to those who love us—they’ll be treasured for generations to come. Come learn techniques to retrieve and record your life stories of adventure, love, loss, success, and more.

Writers’ Workshop: Write Yourself!
Maureen Ryan Griffin leads you in learning a number of fun, easy approaches to your creative writing through journaling, memoir, poetry, and fiction. Ideal for beginning writers and anyone interested in renewing and expanding their writing and their relationships to self, others, and the world.

Writers’ Workshop: Delicious Memories – Writing About Food
Food can be a rich source for metaphor and memory. Join author and writing instructor Maureen Ryan Griffin as she shares tools and techniques to create your own food writings to use in a family cookbook, blog, or even fiction, memoir, and/or poetry.

The Healing Power of Words
Come reap the benefits writing can provide—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—in this workshop in which you’ll learn and practice simple yet profound ways to use words to heal and to grow. We’ll incorporate Dr. James Pennebaker’s ground-breaking methods for using writing as a transformative process as well as a creative one. (And if you are interested, these tools can also be used to create stories, poems, and/or essays.)

This workshop is ideal for beginners as well as for seasoned writers—whether you have published widely, sometimes write in a journal, or haven’t written anything since your senior year of high school, you will en joy this experience of renewal and deepening of our relationships with God, self, others, and the world. Warning: Laughter likely. Inspiration guaranteed.