Meet Lisa Otter Rose

Meet Lisa Otter Rose

Lisa Otter Rose

I love to be creative and that takes on different shapes depending on the season, year, etc… Whether I’m taking a picture a day for a year, writing, visual journaling, or participating in the Artist’s Way, I always need a creative outlet in my life. It is what gives my life depth and meaning.

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A Sample of Lisa’s Writing

An Excerpt from

You’ve Got Verve, Jamie Ireland


Lisa Otter Rose

“Look! Here comes Freckle Brain! She’s such a freakin’ klutz!” Daniel Polk said to the entire bus. “Watch this!”

Jamie Ireland tried hard to make it past Daniel, hoping to get to her seat near the back of the bus before he tormented her again. Too late. This time he shoved her so hard that she stumbled down the aisle, almost falling into a second grader named Cody. She managed to land in her seat with a thud. Jamie’s throat tightened and her eyes stung, but she refused to cry. Instead she stuck her tongue out at Daniel.

“Nice tongue, Freckle Brain!” Daniel roared with laughter. “Thanks for sharing it with bus number two seventy-eight. Round of applause if you enjoyed seeing Jamie’s tongue today.” The bus fell silent. “That’s what I thought. No one wants to see your freakin’ tongue, Freckle Brain. You’re such a freckle-tard.”

Daniel Polk was the most evil fifth grader in the history of Westcott Elementary School, and he was out to get Jamie this year. She felt like punching him in his gopher-shaped head.

Instead, Jamie pulled out her binder and opened it up. She held it in front of her face. It helped her calm down. She read through all the nicknames she and Alexanna had thought of for Daniel Polk:

Putrid Polk

Gopher Head



Nothing about her—not her tongue, her freckles, or her brain—was anybody’s business, especially not Daniel’s.

School might be over for the day, but Jamie still had to endure four more stops on this nasty bus. To say fifth grade wasn’t going well was an understatement. Today, her language arts teacher, Mrs. Tenner, yelled at her in class for turning in another messy worksheet, and then made her rewrite it during quiet reading time. Plus, Mrs. Tenner had assigned another stupid book project. And now, Daniel had shoved Jamie and tripped her just like he’d done almost every day since school started three weeks ago. She didn’t know how much more of this she could take.

Daniel Polk was the only fifth grader who didn’t sit in the back of bus #278. He sat wherever he wanted. Jamie was convinced he did this so he could trip and torment her.

Dan-evil had always been mean, but since fifth grade started he had been on a mission to torture Jamie. It was all because Alexanna had moved away. Not only was Alexanna Jamie’s best friend and next-door neighbor, she was also the only one who had any power over Puke-Yell.

Alexanna knew karate. Near the end of third grade, when Daniel had pushed her too far, she gave him a puke-inducing kick to his stomach. Jamie and Alexanna watched him throw up in the bushes near the wagon wheel where she and Alexanna used to hang out. After that, Puke-Yell never bothered them again. Until now. With Alexanna gone, the rules had changed.

The bus ride lasted forever. Jamie put her binder away as soon as Putrid Polk got off the bus. Her stop was next. She couldn’t wait to be home and not breathing in the disgusting bus stench of rotting gym socks, potato chips, and Lysol.

When #278 pulled to a stop in front of her house, she stepped off, free at last. She walked up her driveway, and immediately her mind jumped to Oreos. One of the best parts of helping her mom with the grocery shopping on weekends was that Jamie got to pick out her favorite snacks. It gave her comfort to know that inside waiting for her was a fresh, unopened package of Oreos. Unless, of course, Jake got to them first. He was all right for an older brother, but he ate like a blue whale.

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 What Lisa says about WordPlay

I’ve always enjoyed writing and have kept a journal since I was twelve, but it wasn’t until I moved to Charlotte that writing became an important part of my life.

I was new in town and saw a class advertised at CPCC in the continuing education program entitled “Write From the Heart”. It just so happened that a few weeks earlier I had printed the words “Write From” inside a large red heart that I had drawn on the cover my latest journal. It was the sign I needed and so I enrolled in Maureen’s class.

Ever since I was seven years old, I wanted to write and publish a real novel, not just the one I made in second grade. Maureen has fostered my creativity and has encouraged me every step of the way. In fact, many times she has pulled me out of the fatigue ditch, dusted me off, and gave me a firm, but loving push back onto the writer’s road toward a finished novel.

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