Meet Barbara Mayer

Meet Barbara J. Mayer

Barbara J. Mayer has published poems in many journals and anthologies including Plainsongs, Pebble Lake Review, Main Street Rag and Atlanta Review. Her poetry collection, Peacock, was published by Mount Olive College Press. A Chicago native, she has lived in Mooresville, NC, since 1982.

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A Sample of Barbara’s Writing

October Ride


Barbara J. Mayer

October casts a spell upon the land
as we set out, reins gathered in my hand,
two shiny apples in your saddle bag.

You shy at ghosts, inhaling frosty wind,
eyeing bright leaves that saunter and then spin.
Above the trail the shedding branches sag.

We pass a house where folks rock on the porch.
They wave and call out, “What a handsome horse!”
You arch your neck and strut, as if to brag.

The shadows lengthen — twilight comes too soon.
Across the field a copper-colored moon
lights the way home, reminds us not to lag.

Your hoofbeats quicken as we double back
across the bridge and down the homeward track
that leads to simple joys, the spaniel’s wag

the sweet, hay-scented loft, the windows’ glow,
the jack-o-lanterns squatting in a row,
the weather vane that shivers like a flag.

 What Barbara says about WordPlay

“I have been writing and publishing for many years, but recently I became discouraged and disillusioned. My prevailing attitude toward writing was “Why bother?” I struggled to make time and space for writing in my ever-more-cluttered schedule. Maureen’s classes showed me that writing doesn’t have to be drudgery — it can be as easy as jotting down my thoughts while waiting in a doctor’s office or drinking my morning coffee. Maureen’s energy and creativity have been an inspiration to me. Her never-failing enthusiasm for writing and the creative life are contagious. Thanks to Maureen, I’m making time to read poetry every day and jot down my reflections and ideas. I’m thinking about another book. And I feel more in touch with my deepest thoughts and emotions…”