Meet Sarah Lowther Henderson

Meet Sarah Lowther Henderson

Sarah Henderson’s spiritual mission is to nurture others on their faith journeys. Not an artist per se, Sarah is a creative type and enjoys dabbling in various forms including writing, creative lettering, and collage. Let’s just say her favorite activity at summer camp was always arts & crafts. In recent years, she has learned about how the creative process can bring us into greater intimacy with the Divine. Sarah’s primary calling is as mother to three imaginative and energetic children who share her love for glue and glitter. She is a Master Holy Yoga Instructor, and director of the Kids Holy Yoga and Adaptive Holy Yoga teacher training programs. A transplant from the Colorado Rocky Mountains, she is happy to call Charlotte, North Carolina home.

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A Sample of Sarah’s Writing

what I have left


Sarah Lowther Henderson

Your summer breeze life—
warm and lovely,
and over too soon—
left relics behind,
marking not only what we lost,
but also what we had:

a slim white stick boasts two pink lines,
a startling announcement you were here

pictures from a 6-week ultrasound—
you are tiny and perfect to the eye

the memory of your beating heart,
two short weeks before you died—
tha-thump, tha-thump, tha-thump,
140 beats per minute

the blue and white blanket,
knit by some kind soul,
cradled your body,
a silver tag proclaims “made for an angel”

photos of your birthday,
your legs crossed and hands clasped,
perfect sukasana pose,
your little face at peace

your ashes,
proving you are gone

and the white crepe myrtle,
a memorial planted beyond my kitchen window

It will bloom in July,
the month of your birth,
and declare that you are,
in fact,
still with us.

A memorial for Matthew Leif, our beloved gift from God  

 What Sarah says about WordPlay

“In the fall of 2010, I enrolled in my first WordPlay class, looking to find myself after the stillbirth of my son Matthew a couple months earlier.  Among the blessings I’ve received from the gift of Matthew’s brief life is the impetus to try writing and, in that, the blessing of having Maureen as my teacher. Maureen has helped me begin to transform my view of myself from someone who is experimenting with writing to someone who is a writer. She has patiently encouraged me and, at times, lovingly challenged me.

Later, I took a class called ‘The Healing Power of Words’ with the desire to begin to move through the heartbreak of losing my son unexpectedly. The class allowed me to examine my hurt while creating a safe place for my words and expressions to land, to search for and embrace pockets of joy again.”

 Connecting with the Creator – praying in creative forms

A Holy Yoga Bible study, led by Sarah Henderson

Connecting with the Creator – praying in creative forms This 4-week study isn’t just for artists (though it’s ok if you are!). It’s for anyone who wants to explore how trying our hands at creative processes can enrich our prayer lives and relationships with God, no matter the “quality” of the finished product. So set aside your fears and mental refrains that say, “I’m not creative! I’m no good at art!” and join us. His goodness awaits you! More than a Bible journaling class, the study will contain exercises that will result in both visual artwork and written artwork. It will be facilitated via phone/internet conferencing so that everyone from anywhere can participate. Work on Thursday? No problem! The recordings will be available to listen to weekly. (The recordings will be sent to you via email no later than 2 days after the live call. The recordings will be in mp4 format.)

When: Thursdays, February 18th, 25th, March 3rd, 10th, 2016 from 1:00-2:15 pm Eastern

Cost: $31. The cost of the Bible study is to cover administrative and facilitation costs to the ministry.

How: Register at You’ll receive an email with how to access our online classroom. You will need to have an art journal with at least 90 lb. paper (but higher weight is better—we like this one), and some craft supplies including markers, paints and a glue stick. Don’t feel like you need to run out and buy something special for this if you have stuff lying around your house. Consider picking up a journaling Bible if you don’t already have one, but it’s not necessary to have one for this class. Here is the one we use: ESV.