Featured WordPlay Fiction/Nonfiction Writers

I’m honored to feature these writers who take part in WordPlay’s classes, workshops, retreats and/or coaching and critique services. Click the links to learn about them and read a sample of their work. Portions of these works were created and/or edited while participating in a WordPlay offering.


Lloyd Edwards, nonfiction

Kathryn Thorson Gruhn, nonfiction (parenting guidance)

Kathryn Thorson Gruhn

Kathy with Jack Canfield of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” fame

You can buy Kathy’s My Baby Compass programs by clicking below:

Mary Killian, nonfiction (self-help)

Bridgett Bell Langson, fiction (children’s writing)

Jennifer Larson, fiction (children’s book)

Barbara Linney, nonfiction (self-help/coaching)

Barbara Linney

Barbara, ready to speak to a gathering about her book

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Vidya Murlidhar, fiction (children’s book)

Kristen Oliver, nonfiction (parenting) 

Kristen Oliver

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The Connected Parent front

Ben Romine (fiction)

Lisa Otter Rose, fiction (middle grade)

Lisa Otter Rose and Maureen Ryan Griffin 2014 001-2

Lisa and Maureen celebrate the first European sale of You’ve Got Verve, Jamie Ireland.

You can buy Lisa’s book by clicking on the picture below:

Carol Staton, fiction (children’s book)

 Kim Love Stump, fiction (young adult)

Kim Love Stump

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 Pat Veasey, nonfiction (biography)

Pat Veasey