Featured WordPlay Memoirists/Essayists

I’m honored to feature these writers who take part in WordPlay’s classes, workshops, retreats and/or coaching and critique services. Click the links to learn about them and read a sample of their work. A number of these pieces were created and/or edited while participating in a WordPlay offering.


Melissa Ballard, essay

Melissa Ballard

Russell Baskett, essay

Russell Baskett

Ann Campanella, memoir

Ann Campanella
Mary Struble Deery, essay

Mary Struble Deery

Rebecca Gallo, memoir

Rebecca Gallo

Wendy H. Gill, essay

Patrice Gopo, essay

Patrice Gopo

Caroline Castle Hicks, essay

Caroline Castle Hicks

Justin Hunt, memoir
Justin Hunt - updated

Carol Injaychock, memoir

Lova Lantz, essay

Lova Lantz

Richard London, essay

Marann Mincey, essay

Marann Mincey

Melissa Kotler Schwartz

Savannah Stoner, essay

Savannah Stoner



Hanging by Sunset Beach pier!

Writers finding inspiration by the Sunset Beach pier…