The word is … “east”

WordPlay Now! Writing Prompt

This is WordPlay—so why not revel in the power and potential of one good word after another? Right now, explore “east” through featured WordPlayer Lyn Hopper’s poem “Easter” and this corresponding writing prompt. 

Way out west, in Bryce Canyon, Utah, where I took this photo at sunrise in April of 2014, I was looking east. There’s something so hopeful, so promising about this simple word that rests inside the word Easter, don’t you think?Bryce CanyonLyn Hopper’s poem “Easter” is a beautiful testament to her father-in-law’s new beginning when he was a young soldier, to the kindness of strangers, to a rising from darkness into the light of “and ordinary life awaiting.” Even the most ordinary life contains new beginnings—some that we choose to set in motion and some that arise of their own accord. Write about a new beginning—yours, a character’s, or anyone else’s—in any genre you choose.