The Art and Craft of Polishing a Poem

THE ART AND CRAFT OF POLISHING A POEM (AKA REVISION) (Learning and Practicing Revision Tools and Strategies; Feedback on at Least One of Your Own Poems)

What is revision, after all, but bringing sparkling fresh vision to a piece of writing and its possibilities? I once heard gifted poet Linda Pastan, whose work I’ve loved for years, speak at length on revision, which she called “the main act of writing.” She writes her first draft by putting herself in a trance-like state, she said. “And then come 100 revisions. It would be wonderful if there were right and wrong choices.” No one can tell us exactly what to do with our work—writing is an art as well as a craft.
But while there may not be right and wrong choices, it does help to get clear what kinds of options we have and how and why some serve our work better than others. I absolutely love re-visioning and am excited to share my process with you! You’ll get feedback on at least one of your poems, along with tips and strategies to use ongoingly, and a handy reference chart.

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