How Do I Say Goodbye? and Praying You Goodbye

Maureen created the ritual in these two books in June, 2002, shortly after her mother died. While she shed many tears saying goodbye, she found that her primary emotion was gratitude. How good she found it was to take a bit of time from the cares and concerns of everyday life to both mourn and celebrate her mother’s life. Not long after, her friend, the Reverend Rebecca Taylor, lost her father. She asked Maureen if she would write down that ritual for her use, and encouraged her to make it available to others. Here it is, in two versions.

How Do I Say Goodbye? is for those of any faith, with quotes from many different sources. It can be purchased on Amazon here.

Praying You Goodbye is specifically for Christians, with Biblical quotes. It can be purchased on Amazon here.

Other than that, the books are identical, with quotes, reflections, prompts, and space to write about your loved one. The appropriate version makes a thoughtful condolence gift for a friend or family member.